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Fortius 420 - EXP (2 Piece Set)

Hyperbarics Made Easy- Split Chamber

Our second largest and most versatile hyperbaric chamber Fortius420 - EXP is a market favorite. It comes with the capability of treating patients in up to 3.0 ATA (29 psi) operating pressure. This chamber boasts a considerable 42" diametric interior and is 62 inches in length. However, despite its large size, the Fortius420 - EXP has been designed to fit in most offices and clinics. The hybrid alloy hyperbaric chamber comes fitted with mirrored controls on the interior and exterior. To make the treatment safe for the patient and cost-effective for the physicians, this particular chamber can release 100% oxygen at up to 3.0 ATA through a hood assembly system. OxyHealth prioritizes fast delivery and can ship and install the chamber within 10 business days. The Fortius420 - EXP has been designed keeping in mind the safety protocols and high industry standards to ensure that the chamber stays functional for years to come.

Manufacturer: Hyperbaric for Life


Oxyhealth Product Specification


  • Thickness : .75 in
  • Grade: 70
  • Type : 516-70 Hybrid Alloy
  • Tensil Strength : 70,000 lbs (31.751 kg) 
  • Hard Shell Chamber: approx. 1100 lbs when assembled.


  • Length: When bolted together it is 64 in in length (2 – 32in sections) with additional 32 inch
  • Center sections available upon order
  • Shell Diameter: 42 inch
  • Door Diameter: 28 inch

OxyHealth chambers are manufactured in the USA in accordance to regulations and codes of the following

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  • Double-headed, oil-less, 1/3 hp compressor with dual intake filters with cooling radiator
  • High-efficiency inline air filtration that filters air to 0.01 microns
  • Analog pressure gauge

OxyHealth compressors are manufactured in the USA in accordance to regulations and codes of the following